5 Processes to Automate with Zoho Books


Harish Naranayan, Senior Advisor Performance and Technology at NSI, shares 5 processes to automate with Zoho Books.

Doing something manually isn’t always bad. However, there have been many instances when business owners have truly felt the need for automating something that they had to do repeatedly everyday. This is especially true in accounting, where automation doesn’t just eliminate the manual process, but also ensures there are no errors.

Here are 5 things which you can easily automate in Zoho Books:

1. Automatic Discounts and Late Fees

It is quite rare to find a business that doesn’t offer discounts to its clients. There are many ways in which businesses offer such discounts. Some offer discounts if the customer makes a big purchase, some offer discounts if the customer pays well ahead of the due date, and some others if the customer has been doing business for a long time. With custom functions in Zoho Books, you can automatically apply discounts to an invoice, or add a late payment fee depending on the payment date.

2. Calculating and Recording Commissions for Your Sales Teams

If you offer commissions for your sales team based on the income that they’ve brought in, you don’t have to use a calculator, or a spreadsheet to calculate the commission you owe them at the end of each quarter. Using a custom function, Zoho Books allows you to calculate the commission for your sales team automatically and make entries in Zoho Books based on the formula you enter for calculating the commission.

3. Updating Other Applications with your Zoho Books Data

Sharing financial documents like financial statements, and invoices with anyone outside the organization has to be done in a securely automated way, and not done manually. For example, firms offering professional services often bill their clients for expenses incurred as part of the project. Using Webhooks, you can automatically send the expense bills for the customers’ project, to an online file storage application that they use.

4. Auto Invoicing Based on Deal Stage

One of the most important, yet easiest things to automate in Zoho Books is creating an estimate, or an invoice depending on the deal stage in Zoho CRM. The default integration allows you to either create an estimate, or an invoice and have it automatically sent out to your client, thereby reducing extra work for your accounting team.

5. Share Invoice for Customers Paying on Your Website

If you run a business based on a subscription model (ex: clubs, professional services, non-profits), and if customers subscribe to your business on your website, you can auto invoice them the minute they click “Pay”. Link your member sign up page with Zoho Books through a payment gateway, and whenever a customer makes a payment when they sign up for your services, an invoice is automatically mailed to them. With custom functions, you can even set up renewal invoices to go out every month.

Are you looking to automate any of your financial transactions ? Talk to one of our experts to learn how Zoho Books can make accounting more efficient in your organization.

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