The Scientific Approach of NSI

The NSI approach is based on over 30 years of transformation projects and more than 100 projects per year. It is scientifically proven, and the results in terms of quality, time, flexibility, cost and profitability speak for themselves.

It is also important to note that the principles of sustainable development and change management are intrinsically integrated into the NSI approach.

Understand the Organization and its Needs

  • Gather data, allowing our experts to understand the organization, the entrepreneur and their team.
  • Systematically write an A4 project charter which includes the business structure, the opportunities, the constraints, the resources, the activities, the timeline and the key performance indicators.
  • Produce a digital balance sheet at T0 (beginning) and T12 (after one year).

Challenge the Status Quo

  • Question and rethink the business model and strategy.
  • Position the company and support it in its marketing strategy plan.

Improve Business Processes

  • Frame and define the scope of the project in order to simplify it first before automating it.
  • Use Lean principles and tools such as 5S, Stage Gate, Work Standard, Parametrization, Poka Yoké.

Execute the Transformation

  • Detail and break down business requirements into a logical and repeatable sequence using Blitz, Agile and Sprint methodologies.
  • Integrate Zoho’s suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications. With over 80 million users, this solution is comprehensive, flexible, ergonomic, affordable and adaptable to all types of organizations.
  • When applicable, introduce best practices in conjunction with NSI’s centers of expertise.

Train, Assist and Support

  • Promote educational principles that advocate learning through experimentation.
  • Train by module including demonstrations, practice and the use of OPL (One-Point-Lesson).

Measure the Outcome

  • Calculate results based on established performance indicators.
  • Create a summary and collect customer testimonials.

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