Artificial Intelligence

How to get more value from your data

We work with entrepreneurs seeking innovation and growth. We’re passionate about data, and the only Zoho experts specialized in artificial intelligence. NSI’s AI center of expertise implements best practices in data management, enabling you to use artificial intelligence to solve your business challenges, using pre-trained models or customized to your context and data.

AI services, so you never stop improving.

  • Data audit and cleansing
  • Visualization and advanced BI
  • Advanced segmentation of customers and prospects
  • Intelligent product and service recommendations
  • Natural language analysis
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Demand planning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Generative AI training (ChatGPT, Dalle-E, Midjourney, etc.)


Leverage aggregated data

Data is becoming increasingly important to business operations. Our consultants guide artificial intelligence to improve your data and use it better.

Define trends

Using tables, reports, and automations created according to your needs, our experts will use artificial intelligence to clean and structure your data, identify patterns and correlations, and predict future results.

Anticipate reactions

Artificial intelligence anticipates the reactions of your customers, your employees and even of yourself! This is possible because AI systems have access to large amounts of data. They are able to process this data much faster than we can, so they can detect patterns that we would otherwise miss. Our experts are ready to help you make good use of this information.

Target the best actions to take

You can also use AI to automate tasks that would otherwise be manual and tedious, such as customer service or opportunity generation. In short, artificial intelligence can help you work smarter and faster.

Case Studies

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