A NSI Journey Towards Becoming a B-Corp Certified Company


Montreal, June 5th, 2023 – Over the course of the year the NSI team has put a committed effort to reaching a total of 370 hours of volunteering in local communities and the environment.

These activities involve sustainable initiatives, social responsibility projects and even local organization business coaching. To highlight the year, here are some of the remarkable activities that the NSI team has accomplished over the course of the year to become a B-Corp certified company.

Sustainability initiatives

Cleaning the shores of the St-Lawrence River

The NSI team came together in collaboration with Saint-Marie’s Éco-quartier for two days of shoreline cleanup along the St-Lawrence River. By actively participating in this initiative, it helped preserve the natural beauty of public places in the region of Montréal, but also ensured a greener environment for future generations and ecosystems.

Social Responsibility Projects

The team is committed to supporting its local communities. Those initiatives extend beyond the workplace, as some members of the team actively engage on a regular basis with local communities to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Here are some of the ways that the organization has offered support throughout the year.

Assisting Local Schools for Children’s Development

Education is the foundation of our system and NSI believes in the importance of nurturing young minds. In fact, the employees volunteered in local schools this year, by assisting in various educational activities to promote children’s development and well-being.

Food Distribution

 Some members volunteered their time and culinary skills to prepare and distribute nourishing meals in community fridges in the Quebec region during the Holidays period.

Supporting Local NGOs for Food Security

Social communities that extend services to the community is another great pillar of our system. In fact, this year the team has also extended support to La Baratte, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide a real alternative to certain community needs, with the priority of offering food security. In fact, one of NSI team members is volunteering to help this organization with their crops.

Business Coaching

Empowering Start-ups through Coaching Sessions

Recognizing the potential of start-ups in driving innovation and economic growth, NSI Chef Strategy Officer is providing free coaching sessions to entrepreneurs and start-up founders. By sharing his expertise and knowledge, he aims to foster their growth and contribute to the local start-up ecosystem.

Administrative Support and Leadership Roles

In addition to their direct involvement in these activities, a significant number of the team have offered valuable administrative support to local NGOs. Some have provided accounting services, ensuring financial transparency and accountability for these organizations. Furthermore, a few others have gone a step further by actively participating in the governance of these NGOs, serving on their boards of directors as well, not to name a few Surf Grand Montréal or Centre Multi-Service le Complice. Their commitment to these roles demonstrates the deep-rooted dedication to these causes and the desire to affect long-lasting change.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of activities and initiatives that the NSI team has undertaken, and it shows to the world the values that NSI carry as a corporation.

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