Automate Crucial Accounting Processes with NSI’s Zoho Books Power Kit


Israël Papillon, Finance Director at NSI, shows you how to automate your critical accounting processes with NSI’s Zoho Books Power Kit.

Although Zoho Books is full of natively included features aimed at simplifying your daily financial and accounting operations, many businesses have industry-specific or internal processes that can benefit additional automation within their Zoho Books. Think of gift card management, automatically calculating fees, interests on invoices, auto-approval of certain transactions based on a predefined threshold. Your business is still stuck with paper checks? You could bulk print checks for multiple bills. You want to pay your vendors in bulk via e-transfer? You could generate an EFT file and record payments in Zoho Books automatically.

NSI’s Zoho Books Power Kit customizes your Zoho Books environment by integrating new functionalities to ease your accounting processes If you are interested in implementing one or many of these automations, contact your NSI finance expert now.

Here’s a list of some of the automations we can add to your Zoho Books account

1. NSI EFT File Generation Module

Automates the creation of Direct Deposit Return (DRD) files for banks (Desjardins and National Bank, etc.) integrating them with Zoho Books for seamless financial operations.

2. Button to Bulk Print Checks

Saves time by enabling the selection of multiple bills to simultaneously print checks and record payment transactions, streamlining your payment process significantly.

3. Button to Calculate Fees, Interests, Tip Calculation

Automatically calculates additional costs such as fees, interests, and tips based on percentages, making invoice generation more efficient and reducing the likelihood of errors.

4. Gift Card Management with a Custom Module and Button

Enhances customer service and retention by allowing businesses to issue and manage gift cards directly through Zoho Books, with proper accounting for each transaction.

5. Button to Push Hours from Vendor Bills to Project

Facilitates project management by automatically adding hours from subcontractor bills to project timesheets, ensuring accurate tracking of budget and billing of project-related costs.

6. Button to Create and Link Vendor to Customer

Simplifies the process of vendor management by automatically creating and linking vendor records using customer information. This ensures accuracy and saves time in managing dual entries.

7. Button to Create Retainer Invoice from Quote

Facilitates cash flow by allowing businesses to request a percentage of the total quote as a retainer directly when issuing a quote. This helps in better financial planning and assurance of payment.

8. Auto-approve Transactions

Increases efficiency by setting criteria under which purchase orders automatically get approved, such as orders under a specific amount. This speeds up operations and reduces administrative overhead. This speeds up operations and reduces administrative overhead.

9. Create Task on Trigger

Improves task management by automating the creation and assignment of contextual tasks in Zoho Books based on specific triggers from billing events, enhancing workflow and accountability.

10. Send Detailed Vendor Payment Notice

Improves vendor relationships by providing detailed notices of payments, including credits applied, enhancing transparency and trust.

These features are designed not only to optimize your financial processes but also to provide strategic benefits that foster long-term growth and efficiency. Ready to transform your accounting processes and drive business success? Contact NSI’s finance experts today to learn more about the Zoho Books Power Kit.

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