How to Create a Strong Employer Brand?


Gabrielle Malouin, HR Lead and Senior Performance & Technology Advisor at NSI, explains how to create a strong and authentic employer brand.

In order to attract the best talents and resources, companies must use all the strategies and tactics at their disposal. The trending term employer brand is on everyone’s lips. The concept is known to many, but how can it be created concretely? What distinguishes it from one company to another?

Concrete examples and tips to guide you in creating a strong employer brand:

The employer brand is the result of multiple actions embodied by the values that represent the members of an organization. At NSI, beyond our rigor and the importance we attach to the quality of the work provided, we focus on the well-being of our employees, because ultimately, it is the basic element of motivation, mobilization and contribution of an employee within a team.In a context where competent workforce is employed, attracting and retaining our talents is a daily task and should never be taken for granted. Specifically, you must make sure you know your employee personas to retain and the personas of potential talents to recruit.

1. Offer recognition to your employees

  • In more formal recognition (Christmas party), or on a daily basis (team meeting, internal chat), highlight the positive contributions of your colleagues
  • Remember to recognize all your employees, you do not want to manage an elite, you want to manage a team

2. Cultivate fun at work. Encourage gatherings and informal moments to strengthen team spirit

  • Team sports moments (like in the photo featured in this blog post when members of our team worked remotly and skied in the Chic-Choc Mountains for a week)
  • Volunteering day for a good cause and take that moment to build relationships (e.g. cleaning up the shores, holiday food bank volunteering…)

3. Celebrate small victories, they are the genesis of great successes

  • Positive customer feedback, discovery of an innovative solution to help a colleague, winning a new project…

4. Encourage work-life balance

  • Respect office hours for email sending, offer a summer schedule if you can, be flexible with your employees in case of personal or family constraints

5. Think about a well-balanced employee journey between supervision and autonomy, between freedom and responsibility, and between collaboration and accountability

6. Make sure what you communicate on your networks reflects the reality

  • Convey the values and daily life that truly represents you to attract the right people and retain them in the long term

So what ultimately distinguishes the employer brand from one company to another? The authenticity of those who carry it! To continue the conversation and if you wish to be accompanied in developing your employer brand, do not hesitate to contact us!

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