Managing Recurring Revenue: Tips to avoid Increasing the Administrative Workload


Israël Papillon, Finance Director at NSI, explains how to automate recurring revenue tasks with Zoho applications.

Recurring revenue” – Such sweet words to the ears of a business owner!

The ability for a company to generate recurring revenue from the same customers, month after month, year after year, can increase its value, provide stability, facilitate cash flow and access to external financing.

Recurring revenue also means recurring billing… and not all companies are well equipped for their billing process. With the growth of recurring revenue often comes an increase in the administrative burden for creating and sending invoices, tracking receivables, recording cash receipts, etc.

Fortunately, there are applications that can simplify and automate recurring invoicing.

Zoho Books

The “Recurring Billing” module available in Zoho Books allows you to create a billing profile by customer that will create and send invoices automatically according to the selected parameters. It is also possible to have them automatically charged to a credit card or by pre-authorized debit to your customers’ bank account.

For example:

  • A rent bill to be emailed on the 1st of the month for the next 12 months.
  • A computer support service contract that has no end date and is charged to the customer’s credit card on the 15th of each month.
  • A monthly subscription to a travel discount newsletter.

Zoho Subscriptions

This is another tool in the Zoho Finance suite that is seamlessly integrated with Zoho Books. Invoices generated by Zoho Subscriptions and payments received are automatically entered into the Zoho Books accounting software, avoiding double entry and saving time and errors!

Zoho Subscriptions is the most powerful and easy to use accounting software for SaaS subscriptions with all their specific features:

  • Creation of packages or subscription plans (for example: silver / gold / platinum)
  • Free trial period planned
  • Management of add-ons modules
  • Coupons management
  • Hosted sign-up page
  • Customer self-service (convenient to let your customer manage their subscription level and renewals themselves!)

There is so much room for optimization with the Zoho suite when it comes to recurring billing (and many other processes in your business!). Give yourself the means to grow without increasing your fixed costs: use the necessary tools, and use them well! The NSI team will be pleased to share its expertise and experience of more than 15 years in implementing the Zoho suite with SMEs in Quebec and around the world.

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