NSI Acquires ZSphere in France


NSI becomes one of the world’s largest Zoho Premium partners

Montreal, March 14, 2024 – After more than a decade of successful transatlantic collaboration, Montreal-based consulting firm NSI officially acquires ZSphere, the first Premium Zoho partner in France. This major union marks the beginning of a new era in global enterprise technology. This exceptional collaboration will enable NSI to enhance its capacity to carry out large-scale software implementation projects and improve the operational efficiency of its customers, in addition to acquiring targeted expertise in the European market.

“Today marks an important turning point in the world of technology. Zoho, with over 100 million users worldwide in more than 700,000 companies, is a quiet force for empowering SMBs. We now want both organizations, NSI and ZSphere, to retain their identities in their respective markets and benefit from synergy to be the best in business and digital transformations, unleashing the performance of user companies.”

— Yves-Laurent Turcotte, President and Chief Strategy Officer, NSI

Strength in numbers

This alliance will enable NSI not only to offer their customers a better service in terms of business performance, but also to enrich the quality and full range of services offered, in order to propose innovative solutions that will propel companies into their next phase of growth.

By combining their knowledge and expertise, NSI and ZSphere look forward to generating new opportunities in the global marketplace, and are now ripe for the realization of major projects.

About NSI

NSI is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in 6 different areas of expertise: marketing, sales, human resources, finance, continuous improvement and artificial intelligence. It is the first Premium Zoho partner in Canada. Certified B Corp, the company carries out business and digital transformations supported by the Zoho cloud solution, aiming to generate a positive impact for their customers, their community and their environment. The organization has offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and the United States.

About Zoho

Zoho is a global technology solution for companies with more than 100 million users. It includes more than 55 integrated, ergonomic and affordable applications for all budgets. Today, Zoho has more than 700,000 enterprise users worldwide.

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