How to Simplify Your Billing Process


Israël Papillon, Finance Director at NSI, explains how to simplify your billing processes in Zoho Books.

In most companies, the billing process does not add value for the customer. In other words, the fact that it takes an hour rather than a minute to prepare an invoice has little impact on the quality of the service or product for which the customer is willing to pay.

Since the billing process is a cost centre for the organization, it is in its best interest to find ways to bill its customers more efficiently. By spending less time on invoicing, the team becomes more available to perform tasks that add value to the customers and this allows the company to become even more competitive.

The features of the Zoho Books accounting application are constantly evolving and allow millions of businesses around the world to simplify and optimize their billing process.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Price list by customer / by item

Do you offer special pricing to a certain category of customers or for certain items? In Zoho Books, it is possible to create price lists that you can apply automatically when preparing your quotes and invoices. No more manual calculations each time!

  • Easy approval and conversion of quotes

When you send a quote to a customer through Zoho Books, the customer can accept it with a click of a button. The system can then automatically convert it into an invoice, based on the settings you choose. For your customer: no more printing the estimate, signing it manually, scanning the signed document and sending it by email. For you: no more double entry of estimate information at the time of invoicing.

  • Create and send a deposit invoice

If you require an initial deposit when the customer accepts your quote, generate a one-click deposit invoice that will be sent by email. The customer will be able to pay online, according to your terms, and the deposit will be automatically posted to Zoho Books as an available credit to the customer’s account.

  • Invoice and email templates

Do any of your customers prefer English or Spanish? Do any of your customers want to find specific information on your invoices that is not relevant to your other customers? With Zoho Books, you can create templates for each type of document (quote, purchase order, invoice) and each type of email sent. You can assign default templates to certain customers, or choose them at the time of transaction creation, depending on your needs. No more copying and pasting and no more manually modified invoices!

  • Purchase order tracking and partial invoicing

Depending on your industry, for example in the case of public tenders, you may need to invoice your contracts partially at different times during the term of the contract, sometimes for an extended period. 

In Zoho Books, the Purchase Order module makes it easy to track the progress of invoicing and payments received. So at any point in the contract term, you’ll know how much remains to be billed, or if it’s time to get a new purchase order approved by your customer. No more problems with overbilling, cancellations, credit notes and confusion! You will be up to date with your follow-ups.

This short list only touches on some of the features of Zoho Books that help optimize the billing process.

The complete list is very long and fortunately, the NSI Solution team is able to assist you with implementing the features that will generate the most savings for your organization.

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