The New Onboarding: Engage, Motivate and Retain Your Employees


Manon Delorme, Performance and Technology Advisor at NSI Solution, shares her ideal onboarding process with Zoho People.

Starting in a new position within a new company is exciting but also stressful. The events of the last 2 years have pushed companies to get creative in their new employee onboarding programs because we all know that employee satisfaction and retention has to be taken seriously, now more than ever. I recently got to experience NSI Solution’s virtual onboarding first hand. In this article, I will share my experience and explain what tools NSI Solution use to engage, motivate and retain their employees.

4 levels of onboarding

Here is a brief description of what they are: 

  • Administrative. All the paperwork that needs to be completed, from legal to administrative to financial. The new employee is presented with the internal policies, important dates, insurance programs, etc.
  • Pre-operational. The new employee gets clarification on their new role and of what is expected of them.
  • Culture. The new employee is exposed to the company’s organizational values and norms.
  • Connection. The new employee connects with their new colleagues and information networks. 

Zoho People: the tool to ensure a smooth onboarding

I was first invited to the candidate portal, where I was presented with documents to fill out and sign, such as my offer letter, insurance forms, etc. What used to be a tedious task (email, print, sign, scan, email back) was done so easily: I read, filled out and signed the documents right on my smartphone thanks to the e-signature functionality.

On my first day, I noticed that my candidate portal had turned into my employee portal. I was able to fill out a bunch of personal information, upload a voided cheque for accounting, and a picture for my Zoho People profile, and visualize all sorts of information about my new teammates, managers and specifically what the company, my department and my own personal goals were. 

What made the experience even more fantastic, was the quick welcoming text, voice and even video messages I received from everybody in the instant chat!

Training and evaluations

In the next few weeks, as I settle in, I will be able to document my training needs, my professional objectives, and more, in order to better perform and reach my and the company’s objectives, to, down the line, work along with my manager to evaluate my performance. Of course, all this information is kept in Zoho People and can be accessed as need be. 

Zoho People was developed because hiring and keeping new employees is no simple task. What is often seen as a necessary evil can now be turned into a more than pleasant experience.

You want to onboard your new employees and give them the first impression that really represents you? We can help! Get in touch with us, we’ll make sure you achieve just that! 

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