With Over 40 Zoho Partners in Canada, What Makes NSI Your Best Option?


Woodlyne Ducheine, Performance and Technology advisor at NSI demonstrates what sets us apart from other partners.

First Premium partner in the country, but that’s not all!

The obvious answer would be to simply say, as we often do so proudly, that we are the first Zoho premium partner in Canada, but then, there’s also the fact that we were awarded the “Partner Achievement Award” and “Partner of the year” – two of Zoho’s most prestigious awards – last week. So the real questions to ask are: What makes us the #1 choice for customers? What sets us apart from the rest? What does NSI offer that our competitors don’t?  Well, today we’re sharing the secret with you. For us at NSI, it’s all about our values and our methodology.

NSI, as is often thought, is not simply a Zoho technology vendor. At NSI, our consultants are not just Zoho experts, they are performance experts, specializing in business transformation.

When it comes to business transformation needs, NSI takes into account the organization, the entrepreneur and their team. We question and rethink the business model, strategy, and structure, as appropriate. We identify the focus to be improved in order to achieve the strategic goals.

Zoho, for us, is just the tool we use to help achieve our digital transformation goals. It’s been our only choice for over 15 years now. We prefer Zoho One because there are over 50 applications available that are integrated according to business requirements. For NSI and the team, this SAAS solution is complete, flexible, ergonomic, affordable and adaptable to all types of organizations.

In the end, the customer organization may end up with a single integrated solution that meets all of its needs and will have eliminated, one by one, the solutions that do not easily communicate with each other as it goes through its digital transformation.

So why choose NSI, among more than 40 Zoho Partners? Because we are not simply technology vendors. We take the time to understand the problem and then optimize your business processes with a view to increasing revenues, reducing costs and maximizing profits.

Do you share our values? Rest assured of our commitment to the success of your projects.

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