Zoho Campaigns VS Marketing Automation


Gabin Vicente, Performance & Technology Advisor at NSI explains how to successfully complete your digital transformation.

What are the differences between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation? These two applications from the Zoho suite offer various features for your marketing. How do you select the right option for your needs?

This is a question we hear frequently from our clients; we are also faced with the same interrogations ourselves. In the next paragraphs, you will read a summary of our analysis. We hope you will find it useful to select the application that best matches your marketing activities.


Zoho Campaigns focuses primarily on email marketing channels. It allows you to send personalized and mass emails. It is also possible to configure automations to make emailing scenarios more efficient.

Zoho Marketing Automation, as its name suggests, is an automation tool for organizations that want to perform marketing activities on multiple channels (web, email, social networks, SMS). Its great strength lies mainly in the execution of automated paths through the entire marketing process with the goal of converting a lead.

At first glance, the 2 applications look alike! CRM integration, mass email, customer journey, even the user interface is similar. How to choose?

Zoho Campaigns Option

  • You want to prospect a database of contacts?
  • You want to communicate and keep your customers informed of your new products or services?
  • You want to inform your employees in the management of a new process?

Then Zoho Campaigns is the application for you!

Through a simple integration with your Zoho CRM, the application allows you to manage your contacts across multiple segments and lists while letting them easily choose their topics of interest – only communications with these topics will be sent to them.

When prospecting, you can simplify your task by automating your scenarios and setting up a series of activities based on your contacts’ behaviors.

Zoho Marketing Automation option

Zoho Marketing Automation allows you to go beyond email campaigns and contact management. Here’s a scenario to help you understand how.

You are in the process of customer acquisition and want to invest in an inbound lead generation strategy next year. In other words, you want to support your sales team with marketing activities that will bring qualified leads into your pipeline. Your goal is to convert a visitor to your website into a qualified lead for your sales team. 

Historically, you’ve always done direct prospecting (emails, cold calls) with your sales team, but today the market is encouraging you to protect and develop your expertise, and to improve your brand image on the web. 

Zoho Marketing Automation helps you do just that. The application allows you to define a visitor journey to guide an interested visitor to important information on your website. 

You will be able to integrate specific objectives based on the actions a visitor performs on your site and automate a sequence to guide them through this journey. This sequence can include sending an email to the visitor or an alert to your sales representative to notify them of the visitor’s interest in one of your products or services.


The question that will help you decide between one or the other option is: do you want to perform marketing activities on your website? 

If so, select Zoho Marketing Automation! The application will allow you to meet all your communication needs (emails, social media, SMS), but also and especially to include your website in your activities (optimization of your visitors’ paths) while being synchronized with your CRM to make the link with sales.

Otherwise, Zoho Campaigns is the right application! Simple, agile and also synchronized with your Zoho CRM, it will shine in sending emails to all types of contacts.

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