Zoho CRM: 5 Exciting New Features


Sachin Goel, Performance and Technology Advisor, shines a light on 5 exciting new features in Zoho CRM that can improve efficiency in your sales process.

1.         Rich Text for Multi-line Fields:

To understand this feature, let us first understand a bit about Rich Text Field. Rich Text allows you to add styles to your content as compared to plain text fields. It enhances the appealing capabilities of the text like bold, italic, underline, different fonts, font sizes, text colours and other visual modifications whereas plain text allows only line breaks and spacing options. As a part of CRM new update in Jan 2024 Rich Text feature is enabled for multi-line fields, it allows to represent information in a more intuitive manner.  

2.         Multi-currency Enhancements:

Finance users of any CRM systems always scratch their head managing multiple currencies for their clients and suppliers, because it is an important aspect of any business. With this feature update, users can switch to different currencies in real time. It gives a lot of flexibility for businesses who run their operations globally. This feature update comes with various enhancements starting with enabling multi-currency for trial editions. This allows the trial users to understand the functional capabilities, earlier only admin was able to manage the currencies. Some other key features like currency details, logs, new symbols, managing active/inactive status and reporting in respective currencies are also part of this feature enhancement.

3.         CPQ Rules for Custom Modules and Subforms:

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It extends the advanced automation capabilities for quote generation and efficiently manage the sales operations. If a business runs on different product lines or services then CPQ is an essential tool, it can reduce the turn around significantly by automatically populating the suggested items configured in the system. Earlier the CPQ capabilities were limited to Quote module but now it is extended to the all the modules, custom modules, and even sub-forms.

4.         Exposing Webform as Link or QR Code:

Web form is the optimal way to collect and process information. It has a powerful impact on businesses, a well-designed web-form helps in faster conversions. Zoho enhances its webform capabilities at a significant level by introducing exciting features. Now you can share your webform as a link or QR codes. Using links, it allows you to integrate webform easily with social media, blogs, and campaigns. Even you can generate shorter links to make it easy to navigate for a user and use it instantly to fill out the information. On the other hand, by generating QR codes for your form is another best way to collect customer info in no time. It doesn’t stop here, now you can setup on submit actions also such as a thank you page, a splash message or redirect to other URL.

5.         Introducing Data Model for CRM:

Data modelling is the visual representation of data system, attributes and relationships of data entities. It organises the data in easily understandable structure. For systems like CRM, Data Modelling is crucial as it helps to understand the relationships between different entities of CRM. Entities are the structural components like Objects, Data Types, lookups and history. How data at the front end is interconnected between modules at the back end is easily understandable with a single click. With this feature you can now create a mini map and control it to navigate the relationships between entities.

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