Zoholics Toronto 2023: NSI Named Partner of the Year and Zoho News 


Toronto, September 13th, 2023 – NSI was at Zoholics Toronto with 12 team members to be among the first to learn all the news and updates about Zoho.

On top of many exciting new products and features announcements, NSI was named Zoho’s Partner of the Year for the second consecutive year. A testament to their commitment, innovation, and excellence in leveraging Zoho’s robust suite of products to deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

Another big milestone to celebrate is that Zoho reached 100 million users spread in over 700,000 businesses. And for those concerned about data sovereignty, Zoho’s Canadian data centers are set to go live in Q4, with locations in both Toronto and Montreal.

Zoho’s New AI Features 

AI is definitely the trend word of the year. One of the key challenges for businesses is to keep the data private when using AI powered web apps. The good news is that with Zoho, your data is private. Zoho is not selling your data to any third parties. The AI, built in-house, runs on Zoho’s cloud, ensuring that your data remains secure and confidential.

Zoho’s New AI Features

  • Text Analysis in Zoho Writer: Find patterns or trends in texts.
  • Smart Analysis in Zoho Sheet: Let the sheet do the thinking.
  • Zoho Inventory: Get package suggestions during fulfillment.
  • Zoho Analytics: Natural language analytics for productivity gains.
  • Natural language search in Zia: Search key insights across Zoho effortlessly.
  • Generative AI: Integrated with 14 apps for smarter operations.
  • AI in Analytics: Use natural language processing to create SQL queries and formula columns.

New Apps and Product Features

Here’s a little overview of all the new Zoho apps and product features. Some are already live and other updates should be out in 3 to 6 months.

Zoho CRM

  • Pathfinder: Coming in March, discover signals to optimize customer journey orchestration
  • Actions by Zoho Flow in CRM Workflow: Integrate seamlessly.
  • No-Code Widget: Customize without coding.

Zoho Billing

  • The rebranded and improved version of Zoho Subscription to manage all your billing operations seamlessly.

Zoho Creator

  • On-Premise Edition: Connect your custom app to your own local servers.
  • App Menu: More custom options to create your own navigation menu.
  • Custom API: Integrate as you like.

Zoho Flow

  • On-Premise Connectivity: Connect your app with on-premise data.
  • Email Trigger: Automate based on email events.
  • URL Trigger: Trigger workflows from URLs.

Zoho Analytics

  • 50+ New Data Connectors: Connect to almost anything.
  • Ask Zia from IM Platforms: Text your AI BI Assistant from your IM app and get Analytics Insights
  • Zia en Français: Multilingual AI support.
  • Pluggable ML Models: Customize your machine learning.
  • AutoML: Automated machine learning for the masses.

Zoho Data Prep

  • Data Pipelines: Streamline your data processes.
  • Python-Based Data Transforms: Code your way to cleaner data.

Zoho Campaigns

  • Smart Predictive Segmentation: Target your audience like never before.
  • Template Scoring: Know the effectiveness of your templates before you hit send.
  • Customer Sentiment: Gauge the mood of your customer base in real-time.

Zoho Marketing Automation

  • Account-Based Marketing: Personalize your approach for higher conversion rates.
  • Push Notifications: Engage your audience instantly.
  • Smart Persona (ICP): Understand your Ideal Customer Profile better.

Zoho Social

  •  Social Inbox: All your social DMs in one place.
  • Lead Chain: Track your leads from social media to conversion.

Zoho Survey

  • Workflows: Automate your survey processes.
  • Rewards: Incentivize participation.

Zoho Desk

  • Custom Module: Create new modules tailored to your business.
  • Sandbox: Test and roll-out changes safely.
  • Audit Logs: Maintain a secure and compliant environment.

Zoho Assist

  • Unattended Remote Access: Support anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote Script Execution: Automate tasks remotely.

Zoho Mail

  • BYOK: Bring your own key encryption for enhanced security.
  • Safe Link Protection: Keep malicious links at bay.
  • Shared Mailbox: Team collaboration made easy.

Zoho Writer

  • PDF Editor: Edit PDFs without the hassle

Zoholics Toronto was not just an event; it was a glimpse into the future of Zoho. NSI is thrilled to be a part of this journey, and we can’t wait to bring all these innovations to you. Stay tuned for a future that’s not just smart, but also secure and efficient.

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