Implementation of Zoho CRM for a Care Program for the Elderly

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LIFE-NWPA is an American organization that provides home care services for the elderly. LIFE stands for Living Independence For the Elderly.

LIFE-NWPA wished to implement Zoho CRM in order to increase key metric visibility, centralize data, and further standardize and automate their prospecting and referral management processes. They utilized excel spreadsheets and manual processes to manage these pipelines. Included in this effort is the migration of current active patient and prospect data from their existing spreadsheets to Zoho CRM, as well as the training of admins and end users to improve user adoption of the system.


Data centralization

Optimization and unification of Intake process

Simplification and improved reporting

Migration of historical data

Structuration and automation of the intake process through the creation of a Blueprint


Implementing Zoho CRM provides the organization with a reliable system that will support business growth. What’s more, the standardization of processes makes it possible to generate more accurate and relevant reports. In fact, LIFE-NWPA is now equipped with two dashboards containing 20 reports and visualizations of performance indicators.

Satisfaction and achievement of objectives

Satisfaction with interventions


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