Zoho: The Best CRM for NPOs


Julie Charron-Latour, Projects Director and Continuous Improvement Leader explains why Zoho is the best CRM for non-profit organizations.

Managers of not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) face unique challenges in their quest for operational efficiency. The use of non-integrated technological tools that are not based on a cloud infrastructure complicates data management, and remote access results in a loss of efficiency. In addition, the difficulty of imposing a standard way of working compounds these problems, hampering efforts to make the organization more efficient and offer better service to the community.

In-house Tool Maze

NPOs often use a multitude of tools, each fulfilling a specific function. However, this fragmentation generates problems of consistency and efficiency. Imagine juggling Excel, Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, ACCESS databases, Filemaker and so on. The resulting complexity is detrimental to productivity and service quality.

Standardization as a solution

Standardizing processes is essential for improving operational efficiency. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) such as Zoho CRM is the ideal solution, offering a centralized platform for all data and processes.

Operational efficiency

When implementing Zoho CRM, NPOs need to define internal processes. In other words, what’s the recipe for getting more done in less time? With Zoho CRM, NPOs can maximize their impact while managing human and financial resources more efficiently. Doing more with the same number of people becomes a reality. It’s often the case that more than 80% of an organization’s resources are devoted to revising its tools and working methods, leaving only 20% to actually implementing them. Why continue to reproduce the same surveys, forms or e-mails year after year, when you could capitalize on the knowledge acquired over the years?

Keeping in Touch With Reality

Gathering and updating the right information is crucial to staying connected to the needs of the organization and the community. If you work in the public sector, you know that every year it’s common to see a rotation of your points of contact within the organization. With the resources you currently have at your disposal, gathering up-to-date and comprehensive information on these new stakeholders can represent a significant challenge. Our different experiences with NPOs has enabled the NSI team to develop effective and affordable solutions to meet these challenges, using solutions complementary to Zoho CRM such as Zoho Forms or Zoho Creator.

Now, Let’s Innovate!

With the significant recovery of operational time, it makes sense to consider new mechanisms to innovate and set yourself apart from other NPOs. The Zoho One suite offers a unique opportunity by enabling you to benefit from a global price for all Zoho applications. This comprehensive suite includes tools for financial management, recruitment, timesheet tracking, inventory management and event coordination. By leveraging this integrated solution, you can not only optimize your internal operations, but also free up time to focus on innovation and strengthening your impact in the community.

A Positive Impact on Our Community

We believe that to be successful, generating profit is no longer enough. NSI is developing a culture that enables our teams to have a positive impact on the environment and the community. It is in this context that we regularly collaborate with a variety of not-for-profit organizations (NPOs), ranging from foundations with a strong philanthropic orientation to those managing complex activities such as inventory management. We have also worked with NPOs focused on bringing together diverse individuals, monitoring the integration process, and organizing events. This diversity of experience includes NPOs with teams ranging from 5 employees to over a hundred, enabling us to develop versatile expertise to meet the specific needs of each NPO, regardless of size. Click here to read our Literacy Foundation case study.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers functionalities specifically adapted to the needs of NPOs, simplifying relationship management with donors, partners and community members.

Zoho Checkout, Zoho Books and Zoho Billing

Zoho’s Finance Suite enables you to collect donations, whether one-off or recurring, in a structured and efficient way. What’s more, if required, proofs of donations can be generated to ensure transparent traZoho CRM offers functionalities specifically adapted to the needs of NPOs, simplifying relationship management with donors, partners and community members. Finally, some organizations choose to centralize all their accounting using Zoho applications, offering a complete, integrated solution for financial management.

Zoho Forms and Survey

These complementary applications enhance the efficiency of Zoho CRM by making it easier to update information and carry out surveys, thus contributing to the achievement of the NPO’s objectives.

Zoho Campaigns

Personalized, automated communications are often the key to a successful fundraising campaign. Zoho Campaigns lets you create precise target audiences that are synchronized with your CRM. Combined with automation features, mass e-mailing makes it easy to reach your target audience with the right message.


By adopting an approach centered on Zoho CRM and its associated applications, NPOs can overcome the challenges of using disparate tools and standardizing working methods. Digital transformation offers NPO managers the opportunity to liberate their team, strengthen their community impact and stay connected to the changing realities of their organization.Explore Zoho CRM and its applications to discover how these tools can revolutionize the management of your NPO. Contact us to share your vision and experiences.

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