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Zoho ONE: A Growth Accelerator For a Quebec Based OBNL

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Since 1989, the Literacy Foundation has been a leader in Quebec on issues related to illiteracy and solutions to overcome it. The Foundation believes that it is imperative to promote the importance of lifelong literacy and to contribute to improving the quality of life of illiterate people or weak readers.

From 2019, the Foundation wanted to modernize its working tools to improve relations with users, staff in schools and all its partners. This digital transformation was required to achieve the goal of carrying out 6,000 interventions per year with adults and distributing over 150,000 new books to children living in disadvantaged areas. In other words, the equivalent of doubling its initial activities. These activities require good inventory management, effective multi-channel communication with users and close follow-up with partners.


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All individual information, previously scattered across seven FileMaker databases, was consolidated in one central location using Zoho CRM. This integration made it possible to consolidate data from all 6,000 annual interventions like phone calls, instant messaging, social network exchanges or electronic forms, thus providing a comprehensive global view. This centralization of data has greatly facilitated the evaluation of the impact of the Foundation’s activities, notably thanks to an interactive dashboard created in Zoho Analytics, which can be efficiently shared with board members.

In addition, managing the inventory of books received and stored in an Excel file is now a thing of the past. The Foundation opted for Zoho Inventory, a solution that provides a detailed, paperless view of its inventory. Not only has this transition improved operational efficiency, it has also enabled resources to be tracked and managed more effectively.

Finally, the Foundation was able to optimize exchanges with its contact network by using automated segments and flows. This strategy has led to a significant increase in the open rate of its mailings. For example, its latest targeted newsletter resulted in 10 new donations, illustrating the effectiveness of this targeted, high-performance communications approach.

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