Zoholics Austin 2024: New Zoho Features and Insights


Austin, June 4 2024 – Zoholics Austin was Zoho’s biggest event to date and part of the NSI team was there to be at the forefront of all the Zoho related innovations. Here’s a recap of the highlights we believe will be very important for your business.

The Economic and Technological Landscape

Given the somewhat economic uncertainty, businesses are striving for efficiency and growth more than ever. The current landscape is also characterized by rapid technological advancements and shifting customer expectations. Companies are looking for solutions that not only streamline operations but also drive significant productivity gains. According to McKinsey, AI can bring a 10x increase in productivity in programming and make code documentation 2x faster, code generation 1.8x faster, and code refactoring 1.4x faster.

In this context, Zoho’s commitment to transforming business processes is evident. Zoho continues to expand its influence globally, offering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses.

Unveiling Zoho CRM for Everyone

The highlight of Zoholics Austin 2024 was the introduction of “Zoho CRM for Everyone.” This revolutionary feature aims to democratize CRM usage, making it accessible and beneficial for teams across various departments within an organization.

Key Features of Zoho CRM for Everyone:

Teamspace : A dedicated space for team collaboration, allowing teams to create their own modules, use shared data, and collaborate seamlessly with sales and other departments without affecting the organization’s overall CRM setup.

Role-Specific Features : Account managers can coordinate product demonstrations with solutions engineers. Specialists can track customer onboarding step-by-step. Marketers can perform win-loss analysis for specific deals. Community specialists can manage advocacy engagements like case studies.

Autonomous Workflow Management : Teams can manage their workflows independently within the corporate IT framework. Redesigned interface for better usability across roles and functions. No-code or low-code experiences for managing workflows.

Early Access : Available upon request for Zoho customers worldwide. Additional capabilities to be released during the early access phase. Contact us for more details!

Enhancements in Zoho CRM

On top of the new user interface, that reduces distractions by consolidating data on the right side, providing a more streamlined and focused user experience, the next 12-16 months will see Zoho CRM undergo significant enhancements aimed at improving communication, productivity, and customer engagement.

Communication Enhancements :

  • Emails for the cases module
  • Fine-grained email tracking
  • All-view in the “accounts” module

Productivity Tools :

  • Workqueue for task management
  • Deals split, allowing attribution to multiple owners
  • Recurring deals
  • Team selling, enabling teams to own deals collectively

Customer Engagement Improvements :

  • Customer portal with SSO and a lightweight interface
  • Spam control in web forms
  • Canvas in web form for customized user interfaces

AI and Analytics Advancements :

  • Data enrichment enhancements
  • Notes and record summaries powered by Zia
  • New dashboard components and split view in Zoho Analytics

Platform Expansion :

  • Data Hub: Centralized data management
  • Client Script Enhancements: Improved customization capabilities
  • Sandbox: A comprehensive UAT environment for testing integrations
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load): Efficient data processing

The Road Ahead

As businesses navigate the complexities of the modern economy, Zoho’s innovative solutions offer a path forward. The advancements showcased at Zoholics Austin 2024 promise to empower organizations with tools that enhance productivity, streamline operations, and foster better customer relationships. With Zoho CRM for Everyone, businesses of all sizes can now leverage the full potential of a sophisticated CRM system, driving growth and efficiency across all departments.

Stay tuned as Zoho continues to roll out these exciting new features, transforming the way we work and interact in an ever-evolving economic landscape. For more detailed insights and updates, visit our latest blog posts and follow us on LinkedIn.

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