Zoholics Jersey City & Austin 2023: New functionalities


Montreal, May 9, 2023 – NSI, the first Zoho Premium Partner in Canada, sent a delegation of six experts to the Zoholics events in Jersey City and Austin to be among the first to learn about the new applications, features and enhancements of the cloud platform.

Zoholics is a flagship event that brings together users, partners and Zoho experts from around the world. This event allows attendees to learn about the latest Zoho product developments, industry trends and best practices. Through keynotes, panel discussions, hands-on training and networking opportunities, attendees can discover first-hand new ways to leverage the Zoho suite to drive growth and optimize their operations. This unforgettable experience offers tremendous value to anyone looking to stay ahead in their industry. Here are some of the highlights that caught the attention of the NSI team.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

It’s no secret that AI and machine learning are in the news, and Zoho is stepping up by announcing an acceleration in the development of AI-powered features. Indeed, several new features are coming, such as image, video and text generation and AI-powered call transcription among others. Zoho already competes with the best through its AI assistant, Zia, and allows for intelligent integrations through ChatGPT. Furthermore, Zoho has always prioritized information security and aims to train strong internal generative AI to keep all data safe.


Through Zoho’s user experience efforts, customers can expect an optimized and more user-friendly experience across their products. Zoho knows that a progressive unification of the user experience and interface is essential to simplify the transition from one application to another, and this is precisely what it aims to achieve. This significant change in platform design will certainly have a positive impact on the adoption rate of users, who will now find it easier to integrate new applications into the Zoho One suite. So get ready for a whole new user experience with Zoho’s latest UX/UI changes.


Data security is no longer just an issue for large enterprises. Indeed, SMBs will need to invest more in security to protect their customers and employees personal data in the coming years. Zoho is in a very good position to stand out in terms of security in the market, as they own the entire technology chain (from servers to software), which makes it easier to protect and manage information centrally.

Zoho has also announced the launch of a brand new web browser, Ulaa, which will be fast and ultra-secure. This browser will provide users with private, untracked browsing, as well as additional protection against cybersecurity threats. In addition, the Zoho team also highlighted the Zoho Directory application, noting that it provides centralized access management for all Zoho One applications, as well as for devices and third-party platforms.


Zoho also announced several new digital marketing-related features that will be available in the coming months that will make it easier to generate leads and retain customers.

Zoho Domain: It will soon be possible to purchase domain names directly through Zoho. This will make it easy to authenticate domains within the Zoho One suite.

Zoho Thrive: This application allows the management of affiliate marketing programs, as well as the implementation of a reward system, in order to build customer loyalty. A first that aligns directly with current web trends.

New version of Marketing Automation: The new version of Marketing Automation is already available in Beta version. In addition to improvements in the user experience, Zoho offers new features, such as the “Marketing Planner” which allows to build a complete marketing activity calendar. This allows you to centrally manage your marketing activities like a pro!

Zoho Publish: This new application allows you to centralize the management of customer reviews from third party sites such as; Google My Business, Yelp, etc., and related web profiles for your entire business. Indeed, soon, it will be possible to manage these profiles online, directly in one place, allowing you to gain in productivity.


In addition to developments related to artificial intelligence, Zoho has also put forward new applications to increase productivity within companies. To improve collaboration between teams, Zoho announced the beta release of Vani, a tool that allows users to create, meet and work on an interactive infinite canvas in real time. In addition, Zoho unveiled a new data cleansing tool called DataPrep. This tool not only normalizes data from different sources, but also facilitates inter-connectivity between applications.


Zoho IoT is one of the biggest news of the last few weeks. WebNMS (formerly a division of Zoho), has developed a strong expertise in the IoT market for over a decade.

Zoho IoT is a platform that enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to connect and manage various IoT devices, sensors and data sources in a single unified interface. With Zoho IoT, SMBs can now collect, analyze and act on the data generated by these devices to optimize their business processes, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency. The platform also allows SMBs to automate routine tasks, trigger actions based on predefined rules and generate real-time alerts and notifications. Potential uses of Zoho IoT for SMBs include predictive maintenance, asset tracking, inventory management and quality control.

That concludes the news that caught the attention of the NSI team at the Zoholics 2023 events in Jersey City and Austin. It should be noted that many of these news items are already available or will be available in the coming months. The next Zoholics in North America will be held in Toronto in September 2023. The NSI team will also be present to follow the developments of the Zoho!

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