Boiseries LGL

Business and Digital Transformation in a Cabinet Making Workshop with Zoho Books

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Boiseries LGL is a company of over 10 employees specializing in the manufacture of high-end furniture. Founded in 1998, this prestigious Montreal cabinetmaker strives day after day to exceed its customers’ expectations. Today, the company carries out custom manufacturing projects in Canada and abroad.

A series of non-integrated software programs are used in the organization’s day-to-day operations, including several Excel files. Information can be found in several places and has to be duplicated, resulting in a loss of efficiency and quality. LGL was growing fast, and wanted to get organized and equip itself with a centralized, simple and integrated solution.


Review and improve operational and financial processes.

Implement the Zoho Books application, enabling the elimination of the Sage accounting solution, better tracking of project invoicing, synergy between the various internal and external stakeholders, integration of supporting documents into accounting transactions, and finally, development of resource autonomy through appropriate training.


Impact on quality

Elimination of non-integrated applications (Excel) and duplication of information.

Impact on efficiency

Elimination of paper documents and greater user autonomy.

Satisfaction and achievement of objectives

Satisfaction with interventions


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