Pembrooke & Ives

Marketing and Sales Digital Transformation with Zoho One

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Pembrooke & Ives, a New York City based design firm, knows great design can change lives. They are adept at producing visionary concepts and executing them to the power of 10. The end result is a space you never dreamt possible, with an attention to detail and level of comfort, character, and style that exceeds expectations.

Pembrooke & Ives’ team was using an old CRM that wasn’t integrated with any other applications and that was difficult to customize. Their goal was to leverage the power on the Zoho One integrated applications ecosystem to centralize data, generate comprehensive reports and increase their marketing capabilities.


Review and improve the sales process by customizing Zoho CRM

Improve and automate the contract signature process

Connect web forms to the CRM

Review the email marketing structure and automate specific flow

Sync CRM data with the email marketing app Zoho Campaigns


The sales team benefits from more transparency allowing better collaboration and efficiency in the process. The marketing team also benefits from integrated data and is now able to target specific customer segments, thus increasing their impact and relevance.

Satisfaction and achievement of objectives

Satisfaction with interventions


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