Alliance Myrique

Complete Business Transformation for an Environmental Organization

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After several years of experimentation with the Myrique des Îles, a plant native to the Magdalen Islands and recognized for its many environmental properties such as soil fixation, Gestion 4 Feuilles wanted to undertake a business transformation to develop a solution to shoreline erosion using plant engineering.

NSI helped the company undertake a complete business transformation. The company launched Alliance Myrique, an initiative that offers visionaries wishing to inspire the community and the business world to adopt sustainable environmental practices, a natural and integrated solution to reduce shoreline erosion on the Magdalen Islands. Businesses can now join the Shoreline Protectors certification program to become a key player in the shoreline protection movement. For an annual fee, they obtain the certification seal, and Alliance Myrique then grows the seedlings and gives them free of charge to the government partners who identify the planting zones.


Validation of market potential

Creation of business model 2.0

Strategic coaching and growth plan

Development of a marketing strategy including: positioning, brand identity, website, press relations, content strategy and implementation of a marketing calendar.


This business transformation enabled Gestion 4 Feuilles to launch the new Alliance Myrique environmental initiative in just 6 months. Following the media launch, more than 3 national media outlets, including CBC, covered the story on the web, on the radio and in print. These results, combined with the deployment of the marketing strategy, enabled Alliance Myrique to attract its first certified members. By 2027, corporate members will have protected over 3233 square metres of riverbank.

Satisfaction and achievement of objectives

Satisfaction with interventions


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