Strategic Coaching for a 3D Scanning Firm

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Pointspace is a company specializing in the 3D scanning and interpretation of geospatial data. Already well-established in the building and architecture sectors, the company was determined to explore the market potential for the application of its solutions in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, enabling manufacturers to optimize their operations and stimulate growth with a versatile digital twin that facilitates the organization of space, machinery and equipment.


Strategic coaching on positioning methodologies

Market potential study and validation

Development of a marketing strategy for the manufacturing and industrial markets

Website content revision, implementation of a marketing calendar and SEO optimization to reflect improved positioning


The strategic coaching enabled the company to market its solution in a new market sector with confidence, and to win its first manufacturing customers in less than 3 months. Today, Pointspace ranks first in Google search results for keywords related to the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Satisfaction and achievement of objectives

Satisfaction with interventions


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