Continuous Improvement Coaching and Training

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Exo is a public transit agency that provides commuter train, bus and paratransit services in the Greater Montreal area.

An internal continuous improvement team was recently put in place, with the objective of getting the continuous improvement initiatives up and running quickly. Managing the lost and founds was one of the initiatives addressed by the internal team accompanied by NSI.


Individual coaching sessions with members of the continuous improvement team.

Guidance in work sessions with the project team.

A day of simulation to demonstrate the potential of the continuous improvement process to management.


Thanks to the continuous improvement approach proposed by the NSI team, the project sponsor was presented with recommendations of solutions within 60 days, whereas previous initiatives had not succeeded after over 250 days of work (1 year). The internal continuous improvement team now has access to tools and training kits to support their work teams.The internal continuous improvement team is now able to use digital tools (e.g., whiteboard) to facilitate continuous improvement workshops in an efficient and visual way.    

Satisfaction and achievement of objectives

Satisfaction with interventions


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