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ICANN, founded in 1998, was created as a not-for-profit corporation to manage DNS policy and technology with global participation, as part of a commitment by the US government. Each ICANN public meeting is attended by over 300 community members, and ICANN provides significant resources to support the travel of these members.

The ICANN Organization Travel Support Team is committed to ensuring that all supported travelers benefit from fair, consistent and cost-effective implementation of travel support with administrative efficiency. To ensure that these objectives are met, the implementation of Zoho applications becomes necessary.


Zoho CRM for efficient tracking of travelers’ movements, providing greater visibility for ICANN’s travel assistance team.

Zoho Creator to enable the financed traveler to quickly access the status of his trip and easily communicate with the assistance team should the need arise.

Zoho Analytics to simplify communication between departments, ensuring that all ICANN teams are informed and aligned.


Implementing Zoho CRM provided the team with a unified platform to track the traveler’s journey, improving efficiency, transparency and communication:

Thanks to Zoho CRM, this new platform facilitates the travel process, from welcoming and integrating new travelers to tracking reservations and exchanging travel information.

Real-time updates and transparency
The portal provides real-time updates on booking status and other travel-related details. This feature ensures that travelers are always informed about their travel arrangements.

Integrated help desk for efficient communication
This has brought a more organized approach to responding to travelers’ requests and concerns.

Reduced e-mail volume and improved response time
This has enabled a commitment to more effective communication with travelers.

Streamlined onboarding and refund processes
The portal has simplified administrative procedures for travelers.

Thanks to Zoho Analytics, ICANN now has comprehensive reports that identify trends and patterns, facilitating data-driven decision-making. Also, Zoho Creator automates manual processes, reduces data entry errors and improves collaboration. Zoho Creator’s customer portal function enables effortless communication and engagement with customers. In short, digital transformation with Zoho tools improves the productivity, accuracy and decision-making capabilities of ICANN’s Traveler Assistance team.

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