Setting Up and Running a Center of Excellence

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Consortech, founded in 1989, is motivated by a clear objective: to add value to geospatial data for the benefit of organizations and their communities.

The company wishes to develop a new position among its consultants to move from a support mode to a proactive project management mode. It also wants to encourage the sharing of experiences among its employees; half of them were hired in the last two years and the other half have been working for about ten years.


Techniques for running a center of excellence (methodology, management tools, coaching techniques, etc.).

Implementation of improvement blitz to quickly implement improvements and structure the internal methodology.


The Center of Excellence provided a regular point of contact between team members to share concrete project experiences. After 6 months, the team (15 employees) had implemented 25 tangible improvements such as a standard project kick-off agenda, a standard project sheet and a documentation methodology (e.g. UML diagram).  The Center of Excellence also allowed to present concrete examples of the use of these tools developed by the team.

Satisfaction and achievement of objectives

Satisfaction with interventions


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